Williams Falls is a lesser known destination in the Creston Valley, but well worth a visit especially during the late spring during runoff. At this time of year the falls are flowing a full capacity and make for a great reward at the end of the trail. The trail is a bit rough and overgrown, but nothing your average hiker can’t handle.

From the bridge in Summit Creek Park you’ll want to head north keeping an eye out for flagging tape marking the route. The terrain is pretty mellow with a mild uphill section near the end to get the blood flowing a bit before descending into the the valley through which the creek flows and the waterfall is to be found.  As you go down the last stretch of trail the falls will become much louder and you’ll notice a change towards more water loving vegetation like cedars and skunk cabbage.

The falls are a great place to take a break and enjoy the surrounding. If you’re feeling adventurous a sketchy bridge of lashed together wood provides access to the other side of the creek, allowing you to get a different, higher perspective on the falls. Watch your step, the water is cold and full of rocks!