30 Minutes West of Creston on Hwy 3

Ripple Ridge Google EarthLocated just a 30 minute drive from Creston BC, Ripple Ridge & Lightning Strike cabins host winter adventurers from around the world each season. High quality powder, windswept ridges, cliffs, and the rustic accommodations draw¬†back-country skiers and snowshoers back year after year. While the trail is primarily in Stagleap Provincial Park, the cabins are just outside the park boundary and are operated by the Ripple Ridge Recreation Association. Visit their website for up-to-date information on the cabins and for booking a stay. Don’t show up expecting there to be room for your party, the cabins book well ahead, and people who have rented the cabins may ask you to leave.

As of 2016 overnight parking in Stagleap Park has been restricted to the parking lot on the east side of Bridal Lake to allow for plowing and brake checks. Be sure to display your overnight parking permit provided with your receipt for the cabins. From the parking lot you need to walk west, and cross the highway near the outhouses to get to the trail head. From here the easiest route is to simply follow the service road as it switches back and forth up the side of the mountain. Those wanting a quicker route, depending on how broken the trail is, can hang a right at the first switch back to shave 600m and a significant amount of time off the trip, though it is more challenging. Upon reaching the top, you can either head west up Ripple Ridge itself, or continue downwards to the South towards the cabins. After 5 or 10 minutes take a right at the marked but often buried signpost. This trail will shortly bring you to the cabins.

The cabins are well stocked with cooking equipment, fireplaces, firewood, and solar lighting. You’ll want to bring a canister of propane up if you plan on using the stoves. The first cabin you see is Lightning Strike Cabin, built in 2016 by the Ripple Ridge Recreation Association. It is relatively spacious and holds the heat well, while never seeming to get overly hot. 6 twin bunks and a loft provide plenty of space for sleeping, but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping gear. This cabin is beautiful and is a great upgrade to the site.

Ripple Ridge Snowshoe / Hiking Trail

The trail up to the cabin is especially wonderful this time of year. The area gets loads of winter use.

Ripple Ridge Cabin is just 50m or so from Lightning Strike Cabin, past the shared outhouses. It has been around a long time, but still is a great place to spend a night. The porch is super handy for storing skis and snowshoes, and the cabin heats up very quickly. Its quite a bit cozier, and the tables double as beds which are not overly comfortable, but do the job. This cabin has by far the superior view, with the porch perching at the top of a clearing with views to west and north.

A favourite of locals and visitors alike, Ripple Ridge and Lightning Strike cabins are worth every bit of the effort required to make the trip happen.

For more information and to book a cabin visit the Ripple Ridge Recreation Association.