Between the Balfour Bay Ferry Landing and Kaslo lies one of the area’s best waterfalls. Fletcher Creek Falls is a hidden gem. From the parking lot there is a short but steep trail down to the falls (less ambitious visitors can take the access road down instead, which offers a more gradual grade). The roar of the falls gets louder and louder as the head down the trail. This route is preferable to the access road because you get a great view of the falls from the top before completing the descent. At the bottom of the falls the spray can be pretty extreme so watch any electronics. There are wood viewing platforms here and it is a perfect place to take in the roaring falls and clouds of mist.

One benefit to visiting the falls is that they are within just a hundred metres or so from the beach, making it an ideal place for lunch or just quick cool down. Their are 4 maintained recreation campsites here as well, making it a peaceful weekend getaway for anyone who loves camping on the water. Even if you’re just passing by, the Fletcher Creek Falls are worth stopping for.

For more information view the official recreation site.