Duck Lake is a favorite among locals of all ages. In winter months the ice is at times thick enough for ice skating, and ice fishing. Due to the lake’s shallow depth it freezes well, and the fish – mainly large mouth bass and perch – are never too far down. Fishing continues into the spring, but you don’t see many people out there in the summer (or maybe its just no one can handle mosquitoes that time of year). The lake is in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, and additional (very affordable) permits are required from them to fish and hunt in the area.

Located just past the southern tip of Kootenay Lake,  Duck Lake is surrounded by  wetlands, and is a haven and nesting area for a wide array of creatures. At the right time of year flocks of swans appear in the still-melting waters, among many other migratory and local bird populations. So popular is the valley among the bird crowd that an annual bird festival celebrating the diversity of avian life in the Creston Valley has been running since 2013, attracting professional biologists and hobbyists alike.

For most of the year the gates are open allowing vehicle access along the dike at the southern end of the Lake, this makes it accessible to just about anyone. Its a great place for a family walk, and with lots to see its good way to get a bit of exercise in the shoulder season. Reaching the end of the dike you have the option to continue walking or biking to the North or South, but most turn around at this point.