Cornice Ridge, located in Stagleap Park just a 30 minute drive from Creston, is a short but must-do hike that can be done in both summer and winter.

In summer its a moderate hike from Bridal Lake up the ridge. Starting from either park head start up the Cornice Ridge Trail, which connects with the Bridal Lake Trail on the lake.  The best side to access it from is the West side of the lake in summer. The trail is well marked and obvious, if ever in doubt head uphill. It doesn’t take long to climb out of the trees onto the ridge. From here its short hike to the summit. Adventurous hikers will notice less trodden trails heading to other ridges, providing opportunities for more hiking and different angles.

In winter the best bet is to park at the cabin on the east side of the lake and veering left towards the parking lot. You’ll need snowshoes or skins, and avalanche gear. Progress through the trees is easier on this side, and you’ll reach the ridge fairly quickly. Be careful, Cornice Ridge is a windy and aptly name summit. Stay clear of the Cornice, know the snow conditions, and be prepared as the avalanche danger can be very real in Stagleap.

The view from the Summit is a beautiful 360 panorama of the surrounding Selkirk Mountain Range. Well worth the 45 minute hike. and short drive.